January 4, 2024
1 min read

Your screenshots deserve more

Back in the day, camera rolls on phones were littered with screenshots.

Between photos of your new niece, a screenshot of a receipt. Among photos of your wedding day, a screenshotted meme. A screenshot of a text message next to a vacation photo. A screenshot of visual inspiration between photos of dinner.

It may be hard to believe, but some people still live this way.

The rest of us save screenshots to mymind.

✦ With the mymind iOS or Android app installed, saving screenshots takes a second. Just share it to your mind like you'd share anything else on mobile.

✦ You can add additional tags or notes to screenshots while saving them to add context and more easily find it later.

✦ And here's the best part: mymind has OCR text recognition, which means you can search for keywords in a screenshot to find it in your mind.

Cluttered camera rolls are a relic from the dark ages. The enlightened save their screenshots in one place where they can instantly find them later.

They just search their mind.


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