A browser extension for your new mind.


Chrome, Brave & Edge

All three, Chrome, Brave and Microsoft Edge all run on the same Chromium technology which means you can use the same extension in all browsers. 

Download Extension for Chrome, Brave or Microsoft Edge



To use our Firefox Extension, you have to manually install this extension (unfortunately not in our control) ‚ download the file below and follow these instructions.

Download .XPI file for installing extension on Firefox


Safari 14

To use our Safari 14 extension, you need to download and install a small Mac app which will activate your extension.

Download for Safari 14

Privacy & FAQ

What permissions does the browser extension need?

Our browser extension will ask you for a few permissions after you installed it. The permissions we ask for are default permissions by your browser so we can make sure the extension works the way it should be.

What data does the extension collect?

The browser extension does not do or collect anything unless you tell it to. It sits quietly in the background, waiting for you to interact with it.

What that means is, only if you press a button (for example: Save to my mind) will it send a URL, or an image to the mymind servers so we can bookmark it for you. We will NEVER access anything else in your browser withour your permission and explicit action.



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