In a time when every company has a bid on our data, when we exchange our privacy for information, when every move we make is influenced by how others will perceive it, we have little space to call our own.

Our minds have been taken captive: By social approval systems, by newsfeeds and timelines, by advertisements and corporate agendas. Our information is scattered across platforms, bound by terms and conditions.

What should have never been lost is now yours again.
We promise:

⚘ No social features
⚘ No collaboration
⚘ No vanity metrics
⚘ No social pressure
⚘ No tracking
⚘ No ads
⚘ Always private

What does a tool look like, that respects the integrity of your mind? If we do our job right, it looks a lot like your mind itself.


The brain works in mysterious ways. So mysterious, we know very little about it. What we do know is that it’s like a sponge. Everything we experience is soaked up and stored in tiny cells. To think means to access these cells and make connections between bits of information. This happens in an instant, far beyond our conscious understanding.

Our brain is the most advanced machine in existence, but it can be equally unpredictable. Sometimes we can call to mind a specific memory from when we were children. Other times we can’t, for the life of us, remember what outfit we wore yesterday.

But what if we could upgrade our brain?

What if we could collect the information around us – what we see, what we read, what we hear, what inspires us – and access it at any time? What if we could keep the scattered bits and pieces that typically escape us, get lost or fade away? What if we could give our cluttered, captive mind freedom to flow over?

And what if, in contrast to everything else in our digital lives, it was only for us and no one else?

Welcome to mymind.

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