Questions and answers about your new mind.

Why do you only have Google & Apple sign-in?

Both Google and Apple sign-up provide a simple, secure and 2-factor enabled way to create an account with mymind. We do not exchange any information whatsoever with both parties. It is ONLY used for authentification making sure privacy is guaranteed.

If you use Apple, you can even hide your email address. In this case, not even we are able to see it, adding additional privacy.

What does it mean when there are invisible tags?

Invisible tags (for bookmarks) means we're indexing it based on the domain name and keywords in the title. Images will always have visible tags, but sometimes URL's don't. We expect this to improve over time.

Even if there are no visible tags, you should still be able to find what you are looking for via the search.

Will the automatic 'mind tags' get better over time?

Ohh yes they will! Smart tagging will improve greatly over time. If one of the automatic tags is super awkward right now, let us know about it here so we can look into it.

Expect more manual tagging features in the future.

My website bookmarks doesn't display the way they should.

Our Smart Bookmarking tools try to find the best way to display a website you bookmark in your mind. From articles to products to website inspiration.

Sadly, sometimes a website might block our service (because they don't know us) so we can't display it nicely. If this happens, please send us the URL you tried to bookmark and we will look into it.

Why do I see a "LogIn" page screenshot for some of my bookmarked pages?

Right now our screenshot service doesn't know if you're logged into a page. We can only take a screenshot from pages that are public and mymind can visit and see without being logged in.

As an alternative, you can always take a screenshot of a website and upload it manually from your computer.

How can I help organize my new mind?

Tags are the best way to keep things organized so you'll be able to find something forever and ever.

If you're saving something to your mind that is project related, just tag it with a specific project tag. Or for example, if it's a ToDo item, tag it with "todo". Once the todo is done, you could tag it with "todo done" or just remove the tag entirely.

Is there a mymind app?

Yes! We have an iOS app and an Android app.
With the app installed, just tap the share button on anything (a photo, Tweet, note, etc.) to share it to your mind like you would share anything else on mobile.

Do you have an import tool?

We currently do not support any mass-import options but we're considering this for the future.

We collected some thoughts about mass-import here so you understand our current decision.

What files do you support?

Your new mind supports most common image formats (GIF, JPG, PNG etc.) as well as PDF files.

More file types will be added in the future as mymind is getting better.

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