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We don’t run ads. We don’t sell your data and we don’t track your every move.

Our private platform is 100% supported by our generous members. We’re serious.

Features built for Designers, Writers, Marketers, Researchers, Developers & those in the creative field.

Capture your ideas & notes

Never send yourself an email or Slack message again. Capture all your ideas and notes where they belong, in your mind.

Intelligent Bookmarks

mymind automatically categorizes your bookmarks (such as articles or products) and shows them in the most visual way possible.

AI Image Tagging

Your new mind is enhanced with Artificial Intelligence and automatically adds tags to the images you save in it.

Text Clippings

Use the mymind browser extension or mobile app to easily save text clippings or highlights from your favorite articles.

Image Text Recognition

Search for a word within an image you uploaded to your mind (such as a hand written note) and your new mind will find it.

Advanced Image Search

Search for colors, objects, shapes or even brands. Your new mind analyzes all your images and makes sure you’ll find them again.

Article Analyzer

Your new mind analyzes articles & websites, finds out what’s important and then uses that information to index it for you. That simple.

Night Mode

Our Night Mode is a little extra for just our Masterminds. For the night-owls, the darker minds and the cool kids.

And many more features to come.


mymind is private and secure


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