As you browse online over morning coffee –

to save a product, article, website or other bookmark to your mind, where you can instantly find it later.

Inspiration strikes on your commute –

Put your passing thoughts, ideas & todos into a
Quick Note
, like an old-fashioned sticky note in your back pocket.

At work, an article aligns with your project –

Highlight the passage or quote you want to remember and share
it to your mind without all the surrounding clutter.

Over lunch, a video inspires you –

Take a screenshot
and share it to your mind. mymind recognizes objects and can even read text in an image to help you find it later.

You can relax, knowing nothing is forgotten –

mymind analyzes and organizes everything you save, so you don’t have to. Use
only for special projects.

As you’re winding down for the night –

Travel through your mind with
, a playful way to refresh your memory and rediscover things you care about.

Synced across all your devices.

Save on iOS or Android and it’s instantly on desktop too. We also have a MacOS app and extensions for all modern browsers.

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