Enjoy using your mind? Become a Mastermind.

mymind offers one simple, annual payment plan. Here are 6 reasons to use it.

Reason 1: You won't find another tool that takes privacy this seriously.*

*With the possible exception of your offshore Swiss bank account.

We don't sell or share your data. We don't run ads or track your behavior. Our business model is simple: We provide a service for you, and you pay for that service in return. That's it.

Use most other services today, many of which are "free," and you're paying with your data and your privacy. mymind does not rely on these tactics. We're not interested in using your data. We're interested in protecting it. By paying for mymind, you're supporting an independent business with transparent values.

Reason 2: Peace of mind.

Our goal is to decrease your time spent on apps and software. Less time organizing and cataloging. Less time searching and scrolling. Less time curating for yourself and for others.

mymind lifts those burdens from your real mind. We build tools that help you save what's important to you and find it instantly later – without any organization or curation. The more we do that for you, the more time you have to spend time on something else.

Reason 3: We respect the integrity of your mind.

The modern web is made to distract and influence you in ways we do not support. We do not offer social media features. We provide no vanity metrics, no implements of social pressure. We have no desire to influence or manipulate you. We aim to build a peaceful place for your mind. A place you can be yourself and think for yourself.

Reason 4: It's just for you, no one else.

Most tools you use benefit others: Your social media. Your collaborative work apps. Even your music app encourages you to share what you're listening to. Even transferring money is now a social affair. The lines have blurred so much, we're barely aware of what's public and private anymore.

While that's not all bad, we believe you deserve a place that is for you, and you only. Free of collaboration, distractions or pressure to perform. 


Reason 5: We aim to replace a lot of your other tools – so you can have everything in one place.

Eventually, mymind will replace your note-taking tool. Your bookmark manager. Your mood board tool. Your image reference tool, your snippet collection tool, your article reader. And who knows what else.

Give it a chance. Sign up for a year, use it passively and you'll soon realize on your own what it can do for you.

Reason 6: We're in it for the long haul.

We are an independent company that has built many other independent products. We're not dependent on any external funding. We only answer to you, our members and supporters. This allows us to grow slowly and carefully while ensuring our values are reflected in everything we do.


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