April 11, 2023
1 min read

Is this your life?

Your alarm sounds, tearing you abruptly from your dreams.

You grab your phone: Two text messages. Four DMs. One friend request. Three-hundred-forty-one people liked your photo from last night.

You browse the comments.

Scroll your feed.

Click an ad.

Accept the cookies.

Put your address in the pop-up box.

A welcome message hits your inbox. Some spam. A meeting reminder.

You delete the emails as six more come in.

See a push notification from your news app. Your photo app. Your banking app.

You’re reminded to pay a friend back from last night. You get lost in a feed of other friends’ transactions.

You put on music to work. See a stream of other listeners doing the same.

Your meal delivery app reminds you it’s lunch time.

Your meditation app says it’s time to focus.

You’re informed it’s your college professor’s birthday. You open the app to send well wishes and see your yoga instructor’s photo from Bali.

You browse flights to Bali.

See an ad for new luggage.

See an instant message from your coworker.

Close your laptop to make dinner.

Open your reading app to settle in for the night.

See two deadline reminders for tomorrow.

Your alarm sounds, tearing you abruptly from your dreams.


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