June 13, 2024
1 min read

Tornado in your brain?

A good way to relieve the overburdened and overwhelmed mind?

Get it out of your head and into the real world.

✓ An important (or unimportant) task you're worried you'll forget? Write it on a todo list.

✓ A nagging fear keeping you up at night? Journal about it.

✓ A compulsive thought that keeps bumping around your brain? Write a story or a poem about it.

Getting it off your mind, what we recently heard an ADHD mymind member call “externalization,” allows you to mentally move on and return to the present moment.

Taking it out of your head and into mymind brings an added benefit: You know it's all in one place where you can easily find it later.

Jot it down in a Quick Note. Journal about it or freeflow write in Focus Mode. Take a picture of a handwritten note and save it to your mind. If it helps, drag it up to Top of Mind to keep it high priority.

Then joyfully, immediately, let it go.


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Save what matters to you and keep moving forward. As simple and beautiful as that.

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