July 19, 2022
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How to make a vision board with mymind

We don’t know much about manifesting, but we do know about the power of visualization.

The visual nature of mymind might have tipped you off to our love of good design. And part of the design process is creating moodboards – setting your intention for a project with visuals. For us, applying this practice to life only makes sense.

By translating your desires to physical images, you’re making an abstract concept more concrete. Just like planning a photoshoot or brand redesign, it’s the first step toward an idea becoming reality. So this rather mystical practice of vision boards is actually just practical.

If you’re using mymind at all, it’s likely already serving as your vision board whether you realize it or not. But if you want to do so more intentionally, try this:

Start by asking yourself a few questions:

٭ What do I need most right now?
٭ What do I want most right now?
٭ Where would I be if money and time weren’t a problem?
٭ What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
٭ What do I love about life?
٭ Who inspires me?
٭ What do I want to achieve a year from now?
٭ How about in 5 years?

You don’t have to write down the answers to these questions, or take any action at all yet. Just slowly turn them around in your real mind, one by one, and see where they lead you.

Maybe you do a Google search for scuba diving classes in Santorini. Add that image to your mind. Maybe you think of a renaissance painting that has a sort of gut-punch effect on you. Save to mymind. Maybe it’s a picture of deep dish pizza. Straight into your mind.

No pressure complete your vision board immediately. Just use these questions as a filter as you browse the internet or walk around in the world this week. If you see something that strikes a chord, share it to your mind.

By visualizing what you want, you’re focusing your mental and emotional energy on achieving it. In short, you’re setting your mind on your future.


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