May 3, 2023
2 min read

On light & flowing with the river

Another week, another edition of what's on our minds.

The work of James Turrell

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This strangely enchanting video

Featuring visuals from the Nancy comic strip by Ernie Bushmiller.

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This quote from Alan Watts

(You'll hear it in the video above)

“We are all floating in a tremendous river and the river carries you along. Some of the people in the river are swimming against the current, but they are still being carried along. Others have learned that the art of the thing is to swim with it. You have to flow with the river. There is no other way. You can swim against it, and pretend not to be flowing with it. But you still flow with the river.”

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This interview featuring designer & creative director, Ash Thorp

From sci-fi illustrations to futuristic concepts to his insanely detailed vehicle designs, Ash Thorp has always had the ability to transport you to other worlds.

Being instant fans of anything he creates (see his work for "Call of Duty, “The Batman” or “Ghost in the Shell,” to start), we were eager to get into his mind and see what inspires his work.

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We'll be back with more musings next week.


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