July 27, 2023
2 min read

The mirror

Our personality is partially defined, at least in our own heads, by what’s reflected back at us.

If our circle of friends see us as the clown of the group, then we may double down on that aspect of our personality in an effort to receive validation. We aim to cement our position and safety within our community (survival instinct), so we crack more jokes. We become The Clown.

Before we know it, we’ve curated our whole identity around this persona. We’ve adapted and molded ourselves to fit the expectations of those around us. We become what we see in the mirror others present to us.

Then who are we outside the group?

What is our personality in a vacuum, when no one is around to witness it?

As social creatures, most of us can’t answer that question. Nor do we want to. Community and our place in it gives life meaning.

Yet we still have the opportunity to step aside from public view once in a while to reflect internally. Its in these moments we get to know ourselves on a deeper level – and know what we can become. We can do so physically, and we can do so online as well.

This is the opportunity mymind gives you.

To find out who you are and what you’re interested in without others watching, expecting, judging, waiting and reflecting their impression of you back onto you.

You don’t have to worry about whether that quote you saved is cheesy.

Or whether that poem you wrote is good or bad.

Or whether those articles you’re reading are intellectual or not.

Within your mind, you’re the only who’s watching. You are free to be anything, without adjusting for others or wondering how you come across. You can just exist in your own peaceful, private place for a moment. You can take those small moments of alone time to center yourself, ask yourself questions and observe yourself through your own lens.

Or not think too hard about it at all and just, simply, be.


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