November 19, 2023
1 min read

On open spaces, running away & intimacy

Like every Sunday, we're back with another look into our minds. Here's what we've been thinking about this week.

💭 The Open Space home walkthroughs

Right click an image or long press on mobile to add or share it to your mind.

These images were captured in The Lord House, designed in 1961 by Richard Neutra. The tour is one of many beautiful walk-throughs we've enjoyed recently from Open Space.

Watch the video tour →

💭 This quote from novelist & poet Lang Leav

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💭 This illustration titled “Barriers to Intimacy”

Right click on desktop or long press on mobile to save this image to your mind. To find it later, search any word within the image like "longing" or "intimacy."

Until next week!


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