November 6, 2023
1 min read

On existential comics, stylish movies & beautiful things

What's been on your mind this week? Any quotes you keep coming back to? A specific image inspiring you? A new idea you want to explore?

Here's what we've been mulling over:

💭 The existential angst of “Peanuts” comics

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💭 This quote from John Steinbeck

“You know I am really stupid. For years I have looked for the perfect pencil. I have found very good ones but never the perfect one. And all the time it was not the pencils but me.”

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💭 The 2002 movie, “S1m0ne”

In which Al Pacino plays a struggling film producer who decides to create an AI actress. While the story and pacing may fall a bit short, this movie is undeniably stylish.

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💭 This truth

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