May 21, 2021
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mymind, Inc. creates an anti-social bookmarking tool

mymind is a private-focused bookmarking tool designed to give its members an escape from the pressure of the modern internet. The tool, which offers a mobile app and desktop app, uses artificial intelligence to visually organize its users' lives online, without social media feeds, ads, collaboration or public profiles.

mymind requires no manual organization or management from its users. Instead, artificial intelligence analyzes and organizes the content visually. The company compares its tool to a search engine like Google, allowing its users to casually search their content without managing folders or complex systems. Users can search by category, for example searching “recipes” or “GIFs.” Or search a keyword, color, brand or mood. mymind recognizes objects within images, and can read text or handwriting to help find a saved note, meme or screenshot. The tool promises to work for its users, rather than making users work to maintain the tool.

"We created mymind for people who don’t want to waste their time and energy managing their tools. It’s for those who would rather be thinking, doing and creating in the real world.”

- Tobias van Schneider, co-founder

mymind encourages members to consider it their private, peaceful space to collect their thoughts and draw on inspiration. In contrast to the public nature of social media and the typical online platform, the app offers no social features and promises to not access or sell users' data. Users can save ideas and inspiration without curating for an audience, or feeling external pressure to perform or collaborate. Ads are absent from the platform, and content and data are not tracked. The company's manifesto states a desire to help people establish better relationships with technology.

The company's co-founders state the tool was born from a frustration of feeling scattered and distracted online. Their vision was to create one place to save everything, and one place to find it. The tool has found a niche among the ADHD community, who values mymind for its simple and fluid nature, automatic organization and visual approach. Reviews from ADHD members state a sense of relief and focus using the tool.

The company's website emphasizes its priority on beauty and simplicity. The mymind interface features a clean grid of content, like a visual stream of consciousness. Compared to traditional bookmarks, no link looks the same within a user's mind: Books are presented differently from articles, products look differently from websites. The interface is designed to provide visual cues that aid memory and extract the most important information from saved content.

The tool has drawn creative professionals who seek to organize their research and inspiration. Designers use the tool to save references for projects and create mood boards on the fly. Writers use mymind to save ideas and write drafts. Marketers, content creators, researchers, engineers and many others have made mymind their central hub for their life and work online.


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