November 20, 2023
1 min read

Beauty is a function

You’ve likely heard the phrase “form follows function,” first said by the architect Louis Sullivan.

Sullivan taught that the purpose of a building should inform the appearance of it.

What you’ve likely heard less is the adaptation of this quote by Frank Lloyd Wright: “Form and function are one.”

We tend to agree with Wright.

In fact, we’ll tweak the philosophy even further:

Beauty and function are one.

We build mymind with the belief that beauty serves an important purpose. If something is beautiful, it’s useful. Design that pleases the mind serves it.

⚘ The beauty in its simplicity. Your mind is intentionally clean and spare to put the focus on what’s inside it. There’s no clutter, clunky dropdowns or filters that slow you down.

⚘ The beauty is in its intuitive nature. You don’t have to think while using it. You just use it.

⚘ The beauty is in the chaos. mymind doesn’t attempt to force you into a prescribed structure or system. It embraces the chaos, just like your real mind.

Our members use mymind every day. We want every interaction, every little experience to feel beautiful.

Because why shouldn’t it?


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Save what matters to you and keep moving forward. As simple and beautiful as that.

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