October 7, 2022
2 min read

Our new & improved iOS app

It's not a fancy new feature. You probably won't see the difference. You might not even know we released it, if we didn't tell you. But we promise you'll feel it.

The improved mymind iOS app

For the past several months, we've been hard at work on the foundation of mymind. Based on your feedback, we made hundreds of tiny updates to our apps. The improved mymind iOS app looks a lot like the one you had before. But now it’s faster. It’s smoother. It’s more pleasant to use. It’s built to better help you save and find everything that matters to you, instantly.

New iOS updates include:

✹ Faster syncing - Save something to mobile and you'll instantly see it on desktop. Save a card on desktop and it will appear immediately on mobile.

✺ Improved search - Search results now show up almost instantaneously as you type (the only variable being how many cards you've saved to your mind).

✺ Improved card detail view - The card detail view now includes color palettes on mobile, along with other subtle refinements to the design.

Install the new iOS app →

This update reflects the core philosophy of mymind. It's not our goal to dazzle you with features and functionality. We want you to think as little as possible about the tool – because it works so well, you don't have to. We believe good software is invisible. It just works.

Thank you for your patience and support as our tiny team focused on this update for the past several months. We have a lot more planned for you, including many updates you've requested. In the meantime, we hope this helps you more easily save and find what you need on the go.


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