March 14, 2022
1 min read

The magic of deep search

Did you know you can use multiple keywords to narrow down your search in mymind? Just add one word, hit enter and add another to refine the results even further.

Say you’re decorating your apartment and saved multiple options for your couch. Search the word COUCH, press enter and add BLUE (or any color). You’ll then only see blue couches.

Trying to remember a specific quote you read last week, but can’t recall a keyword? Search LAST WEEK, hit enter and add QUOTES. You’ll then see only the quotes you saved last week. (This is a time travel deep search, which we’ll dig into more soon.)

Say you saved a specific book to your mind and you can remember the author, but not the name. Just search BOOKS, hit enter and type the author’s name.

Looking for a good weekend read from your bookmarks? Search ARTICLES + NEW YORKER (or whichever publication you’re in the mood for) and find an article that sparks your interest.


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