Last updated: November 9th, 2020

While we do our best to keep it to a minimum, we use a few third-party subprocessors (such as cloud computing providers) to run

We make sure every third party we work with safeguards personal data according to GDPR standards.


List of subprocessors we use:

Amazon Cloud Services — This is our cloud based hosting company which we use to safely store our data and website contents.

Stripe — We use Stripe as our secure payment provider for members who are on our payment plans. We do not store any payment information ourselves.

Processor.AI — We use Processor for our media processing. Processor is run by our own team that powers our AI, media processing, and media delivery.

OpenAI — We use OpenAI to help analyze public URLS and content you save to your mind (websites, articles, audio, images and other media).

Google — Anonymous AI services. We use this for images only. They won't be stored by Google and they are NOT used to train the AI, which makes it fully anonymous. We do not share any personal account data with Google under any circumstances.

Wasabi — Encrypted data backups, to make sure in case something happens we won't lose your data.

Help Scout — We use Help Scout only for customer support tickets. The only information we store in Help Scout is the information you send us via email, such as your name and email address. Help Scout is *not* connected to our actual website or service. — We use urlbox for screenshots of websites that are saved within your mind. This only affects websites that are publicly available.



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