July 11, 2022
1 min read

Shortcuts to rule your mind

If you’ve ever watched over a coworker’s shoulder at their desk, you’ll see they navigate the computer in a different way than you. They use specific keyboard shortcuts you never think to use. Or they may not know shortcuts at all, still copy & pasting with manual clicks in the Edit dropdown (you’d be surprised).

Our tools are so personal, we form our own systems and habits, and follow them for years without even realizing we have them. So we thought it might be helpful to point out a few mymind tips & tricks that you might not have discovered on your own:

  • To create a new note: Hit N
  • Save a note as a new card: ⌘ / CTRL + ENTER
  • Exit a card view: ESC
  • Focus on the search field: ENTER

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