June 28, 2023
2 min read

On dreamy houses, overthinking & letting yourself fall

What's on your mind today? Is it possible to take it out of your mind and make it tangible? Put it out into the real world and see what happens?

A few other things to ponder while you're at it:

💭 Yuputira, Mariko Mori’s house on Mikayo Island

Right click an image or long press on mobile to add or share it to your mind.

💭 This poem by Joseph Beuys

Let yourself fall.

Learn to observe snakes.

Plant impossible gardens.

Let someone dangerous in for tea.

Make small Signs that say “yes” and spread them all over your house.

Become a friend of freedom and uncertainty.

Look forward to dreaming.

Cry at the movies.

Swing as high as you can on a swing at moonlight.

Maintain different moods.

Refuse to be “responsible”. DO IT OUT OF LOVE.

Take a lot of naps.

Pass on money. Do it now.
The money will follow.

Laugh a lot. Bathe in the moonlight.

Dream wild, imaginative dreams.

Draw on the walls. Read every day.

Imagine you are enchanted.

Giggle with children. Listen to old people.

Open yourself. Dive in. Be free.
Praise Yourself. Let go of fear.

Play with everything. Preserve the child in you.
You are innocent.

Build a castle of covers

Get wet. Hug trees.

Write love letters.

Highlight the text and right click to save this to your mind as a highlight.

💭 This advice

Search “underthink” or “overthink” to find this image later in your mind.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, whether you write a letter, take a nap, hug a tree or nestle deeper into your mind.


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