April 19, 2022
2 min read

Search text within graphics

Did you know you can search for text inside images?
If you save a screenshot, photo or graphic with any kind of text on it, your mind can read the text on that image. Just search any keyword you remember.

I find this especially helpful in cases like this:

To find memes I’ve saved: I’m always saving random memes and graphics that make me smile or make me think. If I remember just one keyword from the meme, I can usually find it instantly in mymind.

To find inspiration: I’m forever nostalgic for the Golden Age of Advertising, and I often save images of old print ads to inspire me and my copywriter for our own projects. Searching any word I remember from an old add will turn it up instantly.

To search for products & packaging: Now and then I’ll take a photo of a product I enjoy, whether I like the packaging, or I want to buy it for myself, or I just want to look it up later. I can find the image later by searching the brand name or a keyword I remember from the packaging.

– To find my handwritten notes: Yes, mymind can even scan your handwriting (if it’s reasonably legible handwriting, that is). If I take a photo of a handwritten note or todo list, I can usually find it by searching any word from the note.


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