April 27, 2023
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On winning, making things & typewriters

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This quote from Milton Glaser

“You feel differently towards the world when you make things.”

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The satisfying design of old typewriters

This video interview with pro skateboarder, Rodney Mullen

“I see people with talent, with all those things, but that one thing they don’t have is that love for doing it for the sake of it. And the sense of obligation to do something with what you’re given, you know? There’s something to that. It’s important. I think getting what you want quenches the fire that got you there, often – unless it’s replaced by something more permanent, which becomes more intangible.

I think the successes of winning… it just keeps going up, and by the time you get there you can have a stadium screaming your name. It’s actually happened a couple times to me. And there is a visceral exhilaration to it, there is. I’ve experienced that, I know what that’s like. You land a trick and it just lights up. It’s crazy. But at the same time it’s hollow. It’s not the thing that can drive you, at least not for long… All of these honors, eventually that stuff fades to static, and it’s just you and your board. If you decide [fame is] what you love, that’s what you’re doing, then your days are numbered.

So the trick is to peel back, why am I doing this in the first place?”

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