October 14, 2023
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On nostalgia, impressions & performing

Like every Sunday, we've collected some passing thoughts and beautiful little things to share with you.

Here's what's on our mind.

💭 The nostalgic light designs of Nanako Kume

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💭 This quote from Jack Nicholson

“I'd prefer if people had no impressions of me. As a kid, I had to tell my own family, ‘Please, just don't talk about me!’ Because they always got it wrong. Always. I just didn't want them to tell anyone anything about me.”

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💭 This question

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That concludes this week's peek into our minds. What's on yours? Reply with an image, quote, article, series – anything you've been thinking on lately. You'll reach real people on the other side.

✨ NEW: From the minds of our members✨

"mymind is synonymous with recall. I love being creative and finding inspiration from books, tweets, pictures and all sorts of things. But the process needs to be effortless. That's what mymind gives me; the ability to be inspired without the burden of worrying I won't be able to recall that thing I want to to pull back up."

- Arti, software engineer


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