June 10, 2024
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On admiring quietly, tactile art & making food of pain

✧ This is our Sunday inspiration roundup, in which we share a smattering of things that moved us or made us think this week. ✧

First, a small thought to ponder: When's the last time you intentionally gave yourself some time alone? How would you ideally spend that time?

Here's what else has been on our minds.

💭 The work of Selva Aparicio

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The mesmerizing, tactile, nostalgic, disturbing works of Selva Aparicio represent more than meets the eye.

Learn more about her work →

💭 This quote from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“Never admire quietly. If I admire something about someone, I tell them. It's important we give people their flowers while they are still here.”

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💭 This interview with artist & illustrator Katie Benn

“I love old films. I watched David Lean’s ‘Brief Encounter’ recently and it knocked me out. I keep thinking about it. I read some article criticizing how the film luxuriates the pain of love having come into one’s life at the wrong time, but truly, particularly as an artist, if there are circumstances that are painful that we cannot change, we must soak in them, feel it all, and allow ourselves to make a food of it, somehow.”

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💭 This article on Wonder Tools by Jeremy Caplan

"mymind is the most elegant tool I’ve found for saving images, links and online articles into a private visual collection. It lets you create a gorgeous scrapbook of your favorite finds without the hassle of labeling."

Thank you Jeremy for the kind review!

Until next week...


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