July 9, 2020
2 min read

Why mymind does not have an import feature (for now)

To keep your new mind as effortless as it is right now, we had to make some tough decisions.

Each feature and every little button is discussed at great length. What could be a fairly small decision now could have a big impact on the product over time. Our worst nightmare is ending up like every other knowledge tool out there: Cluttered, slow and packed with features nobody needs.

For this along with many other reasons, we've decided against a bulk import feature from other tools into mymind.

Our research told us a majority of people who have existing libraries of things barely know what's in them anymore – folders within folders of "mind trash" they no longer care to keep. It's why we eventually abandon these tools. They're weighed down with junk that makes them overwhelming, irrelevant and ultimately, unusable.

Offering a mass-import would defeat the purpose of your new mind. You'd start off with the same mess you came here to leave behind.

Of course, some of that information is still valuable (by our research, about 20%) and you'll want to bring it along with you. A mass import wouldn't solve that, but we are considering a more selective import option for the future.

In the meantime, we believe that mymind can offer something new:

A fresh mind.

A new beginning.

A way to intentionally collect and remember what's important to you, from here on.


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