September 15, 2021
2 min read

How I use mymind on a daily basis

When you’ve been using it for a little while, you start to notice: mymind shapes itself to you, your workflow and the way your actual mind works.

Everyone’s mind is different, and there’s no right way to use it. Here’s how I find myself using mymind on a daily basis:

When an idea strikes me as I’m falling asleep (or when I’m taking a shower, or when I’m on the train), I reach for my phone and quickly make a note in mymind before I forget it.

When I’m on a call and need to jot down someone’s phone number or address, mymind feels like the “closest” place to put it.

When I’m browsing social media and see a visual or post that inspires me or makes me laugh, I right click and save it to mymind. It feels like the safest place to keep it, since mymind saves it even if it’s deleted from social media.

When I’m shopping online and want to think about an item, or avoid indulging myself with something I don’t need, I save it to mymind. Something about “keeping” the link or image satisfies the urge to buy it right away. Sometimes I come back later and decide I do want to purchase it. Most of the time I realize I don’t want or need it at all, so I delete it from mymind and move on.

Or when I’m in a meeting and need to make quick notes or a to-do list, I open up a Note in mymind.

When someone is using or eating a product I find interesting or delicious or unique, I take a photo of it and save it to mymind. I have many photos of wrappers, bottles and packaging that doesn’t necessarily look curated or pretty on its own, but feels beautiful as part of my little treasure trove I’ve created in mymind. (Besides, I’m the only one seeing it. So if I want it in there, it doesn’t matter how it looks.)

WI hope you’ve discovered your own ways of using mymind, and that it already feels like it was made just for you.


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