All your ·notes· ·bookmarks·, ·inspiration· ·articles· and ·images· in one single, private place.

All your notes, bookmarks, inspiration, articles and images in one place.

There are many ways to use it, and your way is the right way,


Your mind + Artificial Intelligence

Your new mind automatically tags & categorizes everything you put into it, so you don't have to. It can even analyze text on images. Drag & drop an image from your computer or use our Browser Extensions.


Search, everything

Never ever again "Uhm I found this thing but I can't remember it anymore, what was it again..."

Just save it to your new mind, and remember it forever.


Or use it for your articles, recipes or books.

It really works for everything. Just like your mind.


Deep Search

Type in a search term, hit ENTER and then type in another one. It's a search within a search.


If you say shoes -red to exclude all red shoes.
You search for object:car it will only find actual cars.
If you search for text:car it will search for the word car.

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