June 23, 2023
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Finding your screenshots, notes & images with text in your mind

Like socks in the laundry, the little things you want to remember tend to get lost in the mix:

٭ A poem you scribbled on a napkin

٭ Your favorite memes

٭ Screenshots from Slack messages or emails you want to remember

٭ Pictures of packaging, or a poster, or a bill you paid, or a handwritten note someone left you, or your personal manifesto

Usually, these things tend to float around your phone (or your bag, or your home) until they're forgotten for good.

Unless you've kept them in your mind.

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When you save an image containing words to your mind, it will read the image and index the important words so you can find it later. Search any word you can remember, and you'll find it instantly when you need it.

Try it out now, for fun

Illustration by Orfayo

Click the below image and save it to your mind. Or, if you're on mobile, long press and share it to the mymind app. Give your mind a moment to index it, then search any keyword appearing in the image (like “careful” or “amazing”) to find it.

Unlike our real minds, which may be able to paraphrase the text at best — no offense to our incredible brains, there's a lot going on in there — mymind can recall that note or meme word for word.


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