December 28, 2023
1 min read

“Will your app stick around?”

No one can predict the future of standard apps today, because they are driven by engagement, trends, investors and financial motives.

A feature you enjoy within your social media app may disappear tomorrow. Your activity within an app might be private one day and public the next. An entire app may go dark due to lack of funding.

mymind has no outside funding.
No engagement-driven features.
No trend-focused roadmap.
No profit model based on selling data.
No ulterior motives.

Because we are a small, independent company, we are free to make decisions without any outside influence. We have no investors to answer to, no algorithms to feed, no data to sell, no engagement metrics to meet.

We answer only to our members.

Which means every goal, feature update or redesign is made with you in mind. If it doesn't serve our core purpose – helping you save everything you care about in one private place – then it has no place in mymind.

Our motivation is to build a sustainable business that provides value. The way any business should be.


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Save what matters to you and keep moving forward. As simple and beautiful as that.

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