May 27, 2023
1 min read

Say no to dropdowns & date pickers

Much like paperweights, neck ties and avocado toast, date pickers & dropdowns are cumbersome relics that have somehow stuck around anyway.

We decided to try a different way of time organization in mymind.

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Instead of choosing dates from a dropdown or picker, just type it into your search bar using natural language like:

Last month
April 5
This year

Narrowing down your time search

Searching by time becomes even more useful as a Deep Search. For example, you could search:

This week, hit enter and add notes
February, hit enter and add articles
Last year hit enter and add videos

This works as a filter, showing you only the cards you saved within the time/date range you specified.

Turning your time search into a Space

Any frequent time searches can also be saved as a Space, so you can return to them with a click.

For example: Save a search for this week's notes or todos as a smart space. You'll then see your space beneath the search bar, where you can click to view all your latest notes each week.

We asked ourselves why we needed to search and organize our things like tax accountants from the 1990s and we decided, we didn't. We hope you agree this new way of traveling through time is much more enjoyable and even little bit fun.


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