October 24, 2022
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On confrontation, isolation & too-real dystopia

Some weeks, the only things on our mind are ephemeral – appointments to make, calls to return, errands to run, work problems to solve. This is the stuff of life. The blessing and the curse: you won't remember most of it a week later.

If it was one of those weeks for you, we hope this email is a brief respite. Here's what's on our mind.

The artwork of Edward Hopper:

An American realist painter whose artwork depicts loneliness, the longing for connection and the isolation of urban life, Edward Hopper inspired a range of other artists, including Alfred Hitchcock.

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This quote from Publilius Syrus:

“Admonish your friends privately, but praise them openly.”

Highlight & right click (including the quotation marks) to save this to your mind as a quote.

This book by Dave Eggers:

Written in 2013, “The Circle” feels more relevant every year. The dystopian novel follows Mae, a recent college graduate who lands a job at the world's largest tech company. What begins as a customer service job quickly evolves into something deeper and darker. The book's central themes – around memory, history, privacy and democracy – ring loud and clear.

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This color palette:

This palette was pulled from an Edward Hopper painting we saved to our minds. Can you guess which painting?

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If you have a few more moments, try opening your mind and searching by date. What did you save a week ago? How about a month ago? What you rediscover might surprise or inspire you.


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