May 8, 2023
2 min read

New & upcoming features for your mind

We've been working hard on some updates for you, and thought we'd briefly come up for air and share a few of them:

Coming soon: Spaces for mobile

This has been one of the top requests since we released Spaces, and we promise it's happening soon. We're making the final tweaks and testing for release in the coming weeks.

(In the meantime, any saves from mobile will still be automatically sorted into your related Spaces on desktop.)

Coming soon: Serendipity for mobile

Serendipity for mobile is in beta and coming along beautifully. It almost feels like a game, swiping between your saves on the small screen and rediscovering things you love as you go. You'll be able to try it yourself soon.

LIVE: Quick Notes for MacOS

Already live on the MacOS app store! A big update for our note-takers that should make saving ideas and quick notes even easier.

The new MacOS Quick Notes feature is accessible at all times, whether you have mymind open or not. Just click the little icon in your MacOS menu bar to add a note on the fly and save it straight to your mind.

Once again inspired by the common Sticky Note, this feature brings mymind even “closer” at hand when an idea strikes, you need to quickly jot something down or make a quick list.

We read every piece of feedback you send, and our tiny team is always prioritizing to continually make mymind better. Expect to see these updates soon (along with others you might not even notice), all to improve the quality of your new mind.


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