February 8, 2023
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A gift for our members: Which icon are you?

We have a fun little gift for our paid members.

You may consider it completely unnecessary. But we hope the people we made it for (and you know who you are) will find it brightens their day a little.

 The customized mymind mobile icons 

Yes. We made new mymind icons you can swap with the original icon on your home screen. Some are inspired by different internet ages we love. Others, we just find lovely to look at every time we open our phone. We'll introduce each one below, and you can try them all out yourself on the latest version of our iOS app (coming to Android soon!).

Without further ado:

The OG

For those who have respect for tradition. Featuring the original mymind logo, The OG is an icon your grandfather would be proud of. Why, it asks, would you mess with a good thing?

The OG Light

Dark mode? Never heard of it. You’re a purist and this icon shows it. Clean and simple, that’s you. Important: Only click this icon with gloves on.

The OG Dark

Life doesn’t have to be so black and white. In fact, you prefer a bit more darkness. All you moody minds, night owls and dark mode lovers will find this icon nice on the eyes.


You’re still making Winamp skins on the weekends. Nothing gets you more excited than a nicely shaded dial. Unapologetically old school, you’ll be the first to welcome skeuomorphism’s inevitable return. Again.


There’s an edge about you that keeps people on their toes. With a keen eye and obsession with perfection, you tend to lead trends rather than follow them. You like this icon but you could probably make it better.


Much like the Spinning Wheel of Death, you bring beautiful chaos with you wherever you go. You’re a ball of energy and your mind is all over the place. But god, we love ya.

Type Lover

You get a little teary eyed around ligatures. Bad kerning can ruin your whole day. A good lowercase ‘a’ gives you shivers. Basically, you’re an emotional wreck, but you love typography.

Wise Mind

Your mind runs deep. Like a river. Like a spring. An ocean. Like a… a… help us out here. You’re the smart one.

The Optimist

You’re the life of the party. A friend to all. Always one to look on the bright side, you leave things a little more colorful than you found them.


The great philosophers of old would have chosen this icon. There’s a sense of calm about it. Quiet dignity. Serenity. Go ahead and walk into the light. We’re all waiting for you.


When your icon matches the color of your soul. Maybe you like a little mystery. Maybe you have a few secrets. Hey, I’m just an icon. I’m not asking any questions.

The Minimalist

Nothing more than the necessities. If it’s not beautiful or useful, it’s outta here. If that’s your way of life, we hope this icon sparks joy.

Want to try one of these icons on yourself?

Install our latest iOS app →
(Coming soon to Android, we promise!)

Once you're on version 2.0.8, just swipe to the left on the mymind homescreen to reveal the icon options. Choose one, see how you like it and try another tomorrow if you want to.


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