A glimpse into your mind

If there is one place that's wholly yours, it's your mind. Your mind is your sacred space, where the depths of your true self exist. Just like your real mind, mymind is private and always will be


Building mymind has been a unique challenge because we're re-thinking everything from the ground up. Every little feature is questioned and analyzed. Every option that may seem standard for today's tools is scrutinized and redesigned with care. While building mymind, we often approach things backward: Instead of asking ourselves what we should add, we think about what we should not add.

Nearly every app or service these days is social. Your music app shares what you're listening to. Your note-taking app encourages you to collaborate with others. Even your financial activities are followed by friends and friends of friends.

Today, our minds are laid open to everyone to see, often without our explicit permission or knowledge. We've made our lives so public, so vulnerable to others' opinions and approval, we're beginning to lose ourselves. It's why we've gone the opposite direction with mymind. To reclaim what we lost.

But sharing isn't all bad.

There's a certain joy in sharing a piece of our minds and our lives with those we care about. Perhaps something inspires us or perfectly reflects who we are (or who we want to be). Maybe we're trying to recall a fact we read the other day. Or a quote that feels relevant to a conversation we're having.

So how would we handle that with mymind which is, at its core, made to be private?

We could have built a way for you to invite others to your mind, but this would fundamentally change the way you use it. 

We could have made it possible to give someone access to specific parts of your mind, but this would require you to manage permissions, and you'd eventually lose track of who has access to what. It would ultimately have the same effect as every other social tool – making you uncomfortable and self-conscious in your most sacred place.

Standard sharing features breach the integrity and privacy of your mind, both actively and subconsciously. So we had to find a new way. A way that honors the foundational philosophy of mymind. 

What we came up with is a more intentional approach to sharing. One that gives you full control and awareness of who gets a glimpse into your mind, and for how long.


For each piece in your mind, you can activate a temporary share link. This link will only be active for 24 hours before it's private again. Others can see only that specific item at the link you create, nothing more.

They can also save that item to their own mind with a single click of a button. By knowing that your share link will automatically expire after 24 hours, you won't have the mental burden of managing permissions.

Whether you choose to share a piece of your mind or not, and who you choose to share it with, is up to you.

Use it to share short notes. Inspiration and references. Quotes or poignant passages you read. A meme you know a friend will find as funny as you do. Or don't. You decide who gets a glimpse into your mind, nobody else.


Expand your mind.

mymind is currently in early access mode. Thank you for your patience while we work on your new mind.

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